Monday, April 10, 2017

Open for Business!

This week 4L has been full-speed ahead into business! On Monday, we had our first sale. We sold our goods and services to our classmates and did a little shopping too! 

We then spent some time reflecting on what went well and what we might change for our next attempt.

On Tuesday, we became consumers. We went to 4A for their sale. It was exciting to see such different goods and services than we had produced. Most of us gladly spent almost all of our money but a few of us returned home with some foreign currency in our pockets! Our Antanas Euros got us pretty far in the 4A market!

After returning from this sale, we reflected on what we could learn from being a consumer to apply to our next sale. Our thinking can be found below:

We also had an intriguing discussion about the point of business, if it's fair to barter and why certain currencies might be more valuable when we travel.

Next, we began to prepare for our second sale. We used what we learned from our two previous sale experiences to modify or even completely re-create our business ideas. We focused on the Learner Profiles and Attitudes for this unit of inquiry to help guide our thinking and our 'business policies'. We also kept referring to a few guiding questions to make sure we were thoughtful and mindful about our business choices.

In order to answer some of the questions we had, we noticed that we needed to do some research before the second round of sale preparations. Many of us surveyed classmates and potential customers about details such as price or colour, while others simply canvassed to determine interest and potential.

Finally, on Friday, we invited 4A to our sale. It was fun to be on the other side of the sales counter again after picking up some tips throughout the week. We were excited that aside from 4A, a few teachers and even Ms.Rebecca dropped by for some shopping!

Below are our reflections after the big sale. Almost everyone felt successful, and we realised quickly that when business isn't working...we are a group who can think on our toes! 

When asked 'What next?' - we were very keen on continuing our business ventures to see how far we could stretch 1 Euro! 

In language arts this week, we continued our work with poetry. Our shared poem this week was 'Spill' by Judith Thurman. 

We spent the rest of the week sharing poems we're currently in the process of revising. It's been amazing to get feedback from our classmates so we can get closer to our goal of publishing our work. 

We discovered that more precise feedback is always most helpful, but that it's also a difficult task when it comes to poetry!

In math this week, we continued with division number talks. On Thursday, Basel ran our number talk. 

We've also been working with angles. We started with a review of what we knew about angles. Then we moved on to practicing with full-circle protractors to measure acute, obtuse and reflex angles. We even tried an angle measurement number talk.  

We spent time investigating how a clock face can be used to help us determine degree measurement on a circle as we've measured time in degrees! We've been reviewing telling time and calculating elapsed time, as well as data handling and organisation.

This week we got the special privilege of having the Illusions Museum come to VIS! We very much enjoyed our time playing with different optical illusions and trying to figure out how these illusions were created. 

We enjoyed another beautiful spring day in the park with 4A. This week we got up to: 'hunting for forgotten things', making musical instruments out of natural elements, climbing trees, acting out our dreams, braiding hair, tag, and a capture and release team game.

Another wonderful weeks in the books! Enjoy your Spring Break and Happy Easter!

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