Monday, September 5, 2016

A new year begins...

What a wonderful beginning to the year we had on Thursday and Friday! 

We spent our first two days settling into grade 4 and getting to know one another a bit better. In order to familiarise ourselves with our new classroom and the rest of the school, we worked in small groups we call "wolf packs" to complete a scavenger hunt.

On Friday afternoon, we reflected on WHERE THE LEARNING HAPPENED during our two days together.

*We learned a "surprising amount" about each other when we:
  • answered questions in "Bus Stop"
  • played "Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur, Superhero rock-paper-scissors"
  • created our own sign
  • played "Who's the Boss"
  • learned 5 Handshakes in 5 Minutes and then made up our own to share
  • told about our summer in Lithuanian class
  • shared our favourite sport during PE

* We learned about how to be a mouse, tiger, owl and wolf
* We learned about expectations during reading and began to decide what books we'd like to read from the class library

Thank you for a great start to 4th grade! 

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  1. Hello I really like your every day learning
    from Eva's mom