Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our first full week together

In math we learned how to get different answers with only four 4s.
And the second most important thing in math was that there is no such thing as a math brain. A math brain is a person's brain that is very good with math.
And the most important thing in math was that if you make mistakes your brain grows.We learned that by watching a short video about brain growth. And the last thing we did in math was learning how to do math talks. A math talk is when we share answers of different questions.

In p.e. we tried to make 2 contraptions that will make the ball roll to the other side. Material was; carton boxes and sticky tape, but it didn't work because we didn't work in a team. Our class decided we need to listen to each other's ideas, respect each other, and that everyone should participate for good teamwork. 

In reading, we read for about 20 minutes every day. We learned about how to choose good books so we could find our "reading zone". The reading zone is when you are reading a book and you love the book so much that you only pay attention to the book.
by Rojus & Krista

Our first Unit of Inquiry is Who We Are. The central idea is: "Listening to other people's perspectives and communicating our own points of view helps us to live together." We spent Wednesday morning in the park with 4A playing games and completing team challenges. We continue to investigate what it means for a team to be successful and how we can work best together. We are beginning to understand the value of struggle and even failure at times, as it enables us to pinpoint areas for improvement.

In math, we have begun the year with some short videos about brain research and mathematical thinking. We practiced keeping a GROWTH MINDSET rather than a fixed mindset by embracing challenges in order to grow our brains. We worked in teams to solve different types of problems and then did "number talks" where we shared our way of thinking and methods for solutions. We were excited to see how differently we all solve the same problems! 

In language arts, we set up our Reader's Workshop. We talked about the importance of picking the perfect book and how that looks very different for each of us. We also gave ourselves permission to abandon books that are not a good fit for us because there are just too many wonderful books and so little time to read them all! 

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